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Helena Wergles


A: Português

B: Inglês

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Biografia: Hi! Since 2010, I've been a conference interpreter working in the pair English Portuguese.

I've spent 4 years interpreting at a project so that Brazil could learn to print its new family of banknotes.
I've spent about 4 years helping two SAP implementations to take place successfully for two leading global multinationals.
I've also been interpreting professionally for congregations since 2012. God just wanted so - I'm not even a catholic! (Omg!)
And that all in addition to the spot-on jobs across industries I sometimes didn't even know existed!
I absolutely love navigating all those universes!

I'm also a rather friendly, spontaneous, kind person who knows her place and can harmoniously place herself in the background while keeping everyone comfortable with the interpreting taking place.
I'm very professional, commited, and honest.

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